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12 Tract Toileting Tunes - the music, cues & songs for so much fun
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Toileting Tunes is a 12 Track Digital Album.  It includes Cues, Wee and Poo Songs designed to assist with toilet training your child.

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Press play to hear a free sample of "The Wee Song"

Successfully toilet training your child from birth to be NAPPY FREE by age 1 to 2+ involves some essential components.  These include:
1. Using safe effective toilet training procedures, appropriate resources for toileting and toilet training
2. Sensitivity and responsiveness to your child’s toileting needs
3. Communicating effectively with your child, providing encouragement, affirmation and reassurance
4. Establishing a toileting routine that works for you and your child
5. Understanding your child’s stage of toilet training readiness and coaching for independence

By playing the tracks, you can provide the Cues to your child to toilet (part of components 1, 2 & 3) as well as positive feedback, support and reassurance during their toilet training process (part of components 2, 3, 4 & 5).

You can begin with the introductory cue sounds tracks for newborns & small infants. After 6 months or so, progress to the piano version sound tracks and use the instrumental tracks with toddlers and preschoolers.  In this order, your child’s learning of the cues, enjoyment and interest in the toileting process can be maintained.  Songs are an excellent reminder for babies to busy toddlers that it's time to toilet.

Instructions on how to use the tracks are also included as part of the digital download. 

Use Toileting Tunes

With Toileting Tunes, you will find toilet training is not only effective and relieving for your child but a fun time. By teaching your child we must remove waste away from our body, as shown in Toileting Tunes, there'll be less poo-ey stinky sore bottoms to clean. We'll also save heaps of money as well as our planet by reducing nappy waste and minimising your contributing to climate change.

Learn how to use the proven effective traditional procedure of toilet training infants from birth as shared by the film director’s mother in the documentary of "Nappies An Inconvenient Truth". It is available FREE below!

Nappies An Inconvenient Truth

The fact that babies can be toilet trained easily from birth has been kept a secret by propagation of a  “myth” that they are not ready until age 2, but not any more. Watch the 6.5min video below to see the secret revealed!

Tune into your baby’s basic need for toileting by toilet training your newborn infant! This fun video contains a song and images that teaches you how you can have so much fun tuning into toilet training your baby from birth. Don't hold your child back.  Babies enjoy learning, including about toileting and can be independent and nappy free earlier.